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New national study for the next National Election: ACIER

We are glad to announce that a new study for the forthcoming national election in Austria is financed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. The study will be run under the name 'ACIER - Austrian Cooperative Infrastructure for Electoral Research' until 2019. More information to follow within the next months.

Information on the AUTNES field study 'Feldstudie zur Wahlbeteiligung bei der Wiener Landtags- und Gemeinderatswahl 2015' can be found in our Working Paper section

The editors Sylvia Kritzinger, Wolfgang C. Müller, and Klaus Schönbach and the AUTNES team are pleased to present the new book publication „Die Nationalratswahl 2013. Wie Parteien, Medien und Wählerschaft zusammenwirken“ (Böhlau).

Find more information in our News Section

The second funding period (2013-2015) of the Austrian National Election Study (AUTNES) started in January 2013. AUTNES is a National Research Network engaged in the comprehensive social science analysis of Austrian national elections. The network is financed by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) (S10903-G11).

AUTNES has the following tasks:

  • to establish and institutionalize a national electoral study
  • to provide a fully integrated study of the 'demand side' (voters) and the 'supply side’ (political parties and candidates) of electoral competition, as well as of the media coverage of the campaign ('media side')
  • to make a contribution towards a better understanding of how Austrian democracy works
  • to provide high-quality data for the public and the scientific community
  • to secure and expand cooperation with the international community of electoral researchers
  • to promote and support young scientists and consolidate Austrian academic electoral research.

On the following pages you will find more detailed information on the study components, the project team, as well as publications and conference contributions. Moreover you will find a data download section, where you can download AUTNES data and documentation.

For further information on the first funding period (2009-2012) of AUTNES, follow this link.