Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang C. Müller

Wolfgang C. Müller is PI of the Austrian National Election Study (AUTNES) and director of the “The Supply Side: Party Records, Party Positions and Candidates.” He is Professor of Democratic Governance at the University of Vienna. He holds a doctorate from the University of Vienna. His former positions include Professor of Government, University of Mannheim, Director of the MZES and many guest professorships and fellowships in Europe (Nuffield College, University of Oxford, University of Bergen, Humboldt-University Berlin, University of Mannheim, SciencesPo Lille) and the USA (University of California, San Diego, Harvard University). He specializes in comparative politics, political elite behaviour, party competition and coalition politics.

Wolfgang C. Müller has published widely on political parties, party competition, political decision-making and political institutions in journals such as the European Journal of Political Research, Electoral Studies, Journal of Theoretical Politics, Journal of European Public Policy, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Party Politics, Political Studies, Public Administration, and West European Politics. His is senior author of Die österreichischen Abgeordneten: Persönliche Präferenzen und politisches Handeln (Facultas, 2001) and co-editor of many books including Politics in Austria: Still a Case of Consociationalism? (Frank Cass, 1992, with K.R. Luther), Policy, Office, or Votes? How Political Parties Make Hard Decisions in Western Europe (Cambridge University Pres, 1999, with K. Strøm), Coalition Governments in Western Europe (Oxford University Press, 2000, with K. Strøm), Political Parties and Electoral Change (Sage, 2004, with P. Mair and F. Plasser), Delegation and Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies, Politik in Österreich: Das Handbuch (with H. Dachs et al., Manz, 2006) and Cabinets and Coalition Bargaining (Oxford University Press, 2008, with K. Strøm and T. Bergman).

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