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AUNTES - Austrian National Election Study is engaged in the comprehensive social science analysis of Austrian national elections.

AUTNES has the following tasks:

  • to provide a fully integrated study of the 'demand side' (voters) and the 'supply side’ (political parties and candidates) of electoral competition, as well as of the media coverage of the campaign ('media side')
  • to make a contribution towards a better understanding of how Austrian democracy works
  • to provide high-quality data for the public and the scientific community. Until 2016 via gesis, from 2017 via AUSSDA - The Austrian Social Science Data Archive
  • to secure and expand cooperation with the international community of electoral researchers
  • to promote and support young scientists and consolidate Austrian academic electoral research
  • to establish and institutionalize a national electoral study.

AUTNES was financed by the Austrian Science Fund FWF from 2009 to 2016.

ACIER - Cooperative Infrastructure for Electoral Research is conducting a national election study for the Austrian National Election 2017 and is financed by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. ACIER is a reasearch cooperation between the University of Vienna, the University of Salzburg and the University of Innsbruck and is running until 2019.

Here you find more information on the study components 'The Demand Side - Voting Behavior', 'The Supply Side - Party Records, Party Positions and Candidates' und 'The Media Side - Media Analysis'.



Nationalratwahl in Österreich

Interview mit Sylvia Kritzinger in 'Die Zeit'.


Interview by Washington Post with Sylvia Kritzinger on Austrian National Election 2017

Austria turns sharply to the right in an election shaped by immigration


A New Right-Wing Movement Rises in Austria

By turning the People’s Party into a vocal anti-immigrant force, Sebastian Kurz remade the party in his own image.


Facebook-Seiten der Spitzenkandidaten: Kritik unerwünscht

Zahlreiche kritische Facebook-Kommentare wurden gelöscht, vor allem bei SPÖ und Grünen. Die meisten Beleidigungen finden sich bei den Neos, die...


AUTNES and CCL Political-Retweet-Network #NRW17

Download the report and explore the retweet network of parties and politicians.


New project: 'Wähler in Aufruhr:...'

The project is running from August 1st 2017 under the supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sylvia Kritzinger.

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New AUTNES Demand Side Data

The AUTNES data inventory expanded and we are delighted to present the 2.0.0 edition of the Rolling-Cross-Section Panel 2013 as well as the 1.0.0...


AUTNES Demand Side Daten Version 2.0.0 available

AUTNES is happy to announce the release of 2.0.0 editions of the

CSES Post-Election Survey 2013, the TV Debates Panel Study 2013 and the Pre- and...


Annual Meeting of the Austrian, German and Swiss election studies

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